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Okay. Let's make this simple.

The Yoshitsuna.

Not the sword Yoshitsuna. The Space Battleship Yoshitsuna. You know what I'm talking about.

Give it to me. Now.

Gimme my servants dammit!

Name: Incardine, on OOC Behalf of his character, Evangeline A.K. McDowell.
Request: A few NPC servants.
Evangeline, see, she has these fangs. They bite people. She uses them to control people into being her servants. She really likes having servants, and they're a default part of her condition in Negima canon - to the point that, when Chachamaru joins Negi in the Magic World, Evangeline already has several of the previous bodies, with default AIs, serving as her new maid squad. It's implied that Evangeline would rather have human servants, but that it's rather hard to do that at Mahora Academy.

This not being Mahora Academy, and being a place where random disappearances are very much the norm, Evangeline's got pretty much nothing stopping her, except someone trying to convince her to admit she isn't pure evil (fat chance). So, she'd like to bite and acquire a small team of maid servants for her room.

Specifically, I'm looking to get two Red Mages and two Empusa (lowest-level Succubus variant), both of moderate training. All with creepy blank smiles and maid outfits, this being Evangeline we're talking about. They would largely serve utility roles, but occasionally might be seen backing her up in a fight. (Indeed, the one time she ignored the Academy and bit some maids up, they were used to attack Negi.)

OOC Bill

Name: Eric
Request: I want to subvert the dark assembly
Reasoning: I want Kerrigan to be able to delay her inevitable downfall by turning one or two senators into Zerg Sleeper Agents so that she can hold people off with legal shenanigans. ICly, I would be able to force two senators to vote whichever way I please for the duration of this plot thread or until someone catches on, either with an upfront XP cost for each senator, or a smaller cost for each time I influence them.

I was thinking Senator Wasted and Senator Joker, but I would be cool with whoever.
Name: Rozalin
Request: Room Change
Filibuster: There are plenty of rooms without occupants. The current situation makes the level of crowding in this castle more ridiculous than ever. If I do not obtain one post-haste, there will be dire consequences. I do not care if this effect is accomplished by moving out everyone else from my current room or by relocating my effects to another room. I simply care that it is done.

((OOC: Well, I'd like this one to pass. And if a few of the older senators might happen to have long memories and hide under their desks, well that's ok to. After all, she can't have murdered everyone who ever saw her face, could she? :D ))
Name: Rinnosuke Morichika
Request: A building from which to run my shop.
Being able to dispense my wares would benefit all demons in the Netherworld, as they are varied enough that no matter what it is you want, there's almost certainly something available that would be of interest. As it stands, they are gathering dust in the bank, where they are of no use to anyone.

A building of at least somewhat respectable structural integrity, size, and functionality would be appreciated, as would one which customers could reach with little difficulty.

OOC Bill

Name: zferolie
Request: Letting Shinku have a bunch of Doll's under her control
Reasoning: Shinku by herself is not the strongest person here when outside of the N-field. She can sword/cane fight, move fast, and have some of her Rose Petal powers. I wanted to let her be more of a force, and be able to defend herself against others better then right now. That's why I want Shinku to have her own little Doll force, that can go on recon for her, protect her, and fight with her. All the Rozen Maidens have the power to "wake" dolls up, since all dolls have a mind, they are just not awake. Shinku has used this to help protect her and fight other dolls, and these dolls can fight, if well equipped and sturdy enough. In the manga, Suigintou sent a Winne the Poo doll to assassinate Jun, and all he had were butcher Knifes. I was thinking have having between 5 and 10 dolls, but I would be happy with just 5.
Name: Kyoko Needleworker
Request: Let’s Have a Sleepover
Filibuster: Since my last idea for a picnic didn't work so well, I wanted to try something else. A sleepover is a great way for us to get together, and find out more about each other. Maybe people can make new friends! Wouldn't that be lovely?
Name: Flay Gunnar
Request: It's A Zoo Around Here
Filibuster: Come on, this place needs some excitement, and I think having a Zoo is an EXCELLENT idea! After all, there's nothing more thrilling then taking in the view of exotic animals.
Name: Ouka Midarezaki
Request: Establish a Netherworld branch for the Great Japanese Empire's Paranormal Phenomena Bureau of Measures and offer positions for it as jobs.
Filibuster: DetailsCollapse )

OOC Bill

Name: Floogy
Request: Immigration of Earth Youkai Rabbits
Reasoning: This bill is rather simple. I would like for a small number (10 at the most?) of youkai earth rabbits (as depicted in this picture) to be brought into the Netherworld. There are a few reasons why I'm not doing this as an IC bill and why I'm not just putting it as a request into the beastiary.

-Reisen would never IC'ly pass this bill, she doesn't want to force others to come into the Netherworld; let alone rabbits that might get eaten by the denizens of this world.
-They are basically allied with Reisen and Eirin, so putting a request into the beastiary would be like giving them a small (albeit weak) army if they're approved. Though, really, if you do want to allow a full fledged immigration of Earth Rabbit Youkai, that would be cool. It'd give people something to hunt for food and Reisen to spaz out about when she finds out people are eating rabbits.

This would basically give Reisen and Eirin (plus Kaguya and Tewi if they ever show) some 'servants' of sorts, though they don't really listen to Reisen all that much. But, considering the environment, they might decide to for the sake of surviving.

Youkai earth rabbits can do basic danmaku, and they are easily defeated, so maybe 20-50 exp per rabbit if you want me to spend exp on this?